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The Mediterranean diet portal

The Mediterranean diet portal MEDDIET foreseen for EXPO, is intended to appraise the recognition attained from UNESCO with the objective of safeguarding, promoting and giving value to the agro-food cultural heritage.

The Mediterranean diet is a social practice based on skills, knowledge and tradition, which are carried through from the landscape to the table, shaped by a healthy and balanced diet. With a strong foundation set in culture, cultivation, harvesting, fishing, conservation, transformation, preparation, cooking and sharing products, the Mediterranean diet is a daily lifestyle that combines food safety with the use of sustainable natural resources. As recognized by UNESCO, the Mediterranean diet is an element that incorporates nutritional, cultural and anthropological aspects together with agricultural sustainability and biodiversity.

In this content, the MEDDIET project presents different objectives:

1) Knowledge: awareness of the Mediterranean lifestyle based on the customs and traditions of the Mediterranean diet, which in addition to nutritional benefits, social values and a sense of identity, prove to be fundamental in hindering the loss of agricultural biodiversity, associated with the loss of traditional Mediterranean cultivation;

2) Education: by means of the production of video lessons about Mediterranean eating habits and the rediscovery of the Mediterranean lifestyle, hindering the high levels of obesity present in today’s society and favoring the implementation of a healthy and balanced lifestyle;

3) Intercultural dialogue: bringing the communities of the Mediterranean diet together, an instrument for sharing knowledge and the recognition of similarities and diversity.

It is precisely thanks to knowledge, education and intercultural dialogue that the MEDDIET project intends to create a new “Mediterranean Diet Network of Communities”, inviting local Italian communities to sign the “Declaration of the Mediterranean Diet Values” for the recognition and safeguarding of the UNESCO element on a national level, a governance model replicable at international level.

The project involves the following plan of action:

  • Mapping of the Italian communities most representative of the mediterranean diet and the creation of the ‘Mediterranean Diet Network of Communities’ in order to share each community’s unique characteristics and generate an exchange of knowledge, thereby improving their network of reference.
  • Design of the Mediterranean Diet web portal and the creation of content in five languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese);
  • Launch of the web portal, featuring the following content and resources:

a. Promotion of the network of emblematic communities;

b. Interactive lessons related to sustainable food, biodiversity, culture, socio-economic and regulatory issues;

c. Explanatory content concerning the rites of the Mediterranean diet;

d. International glossary of the Mediterranean Diet;

  • Development of the Mediterranean Diet Charter for the ‘Mediterranean Diet Network of Communities’
  • Events related to the launch of the initiative during the Milan EXPO 2015 at the Biodiversity Park.

Meddiet - The portal of the Mediterranean diet "is a project of the University of Rome Sapienza Unitelma. Project realized with the contribution of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry - Ministerial Decree n. Of 93824 30 2014 December.

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