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International Conference "The Cultural Heritage of the Mediterranean Diet" (9-10 May 2017, Faro)

  • Wednesday, May 10 2017

The Great Auditorium of the University of Algarve hosted the International Conference "The Cultural Heritage of the Mediterranean Diet" on 9 and 10 May. This International Conference in Portugal, which took place in the year of the Portuguese presidency of the seven representative states and communities of the Mediterranean Diet, as ICH of the UNESCO Representative List, aimed to analyze strategies and experiences of research, preservation and transmission of Mediterranean diet universal values to current and next generations.

The Conference focused its priority attention on the work experiences underway in the 7 Representative States and Communities, especially within the framework of good practices included in the Safeguard Plan, thus positioning itself in a perspective open to the various fields of knowledge, allowing a Comprehensive vision of Mediterranean diet both as a cultural model and lifestyle, as food standard of excellence and sustainable diet.

University professors and researchers, educators and teachers of various levels of education, specialists in the fields of culture and food heritage, agriculture and environment, health and nutrition, spatial planning and sustainability of territories and communities, and other areas, as well as managers and promoters of projects, entrepreneurs, students and citizens interested in these subjects, participated actively in this event.

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