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The network of ecomuseums

On the sidelines of the 8 ° Intergovernmental Meeting and the emblematic communities held in Stari Grad the 6 and the 7 June the communities decided to create a network of ecomuseums of the Mediterranean Diet, signing a specific agreement.

The museums of the Mediterranean diet want to be a source of intercultural dialogue, a factor in the participation of the population, with functions of research, conservation and enhancement of the immaterial cultural heritage representative of the territory. These are places where nature, culture and history are shown in their environment of belonging, in which one goes beyond the simple collection of finds, and which makes the territory, where the testimonies are present both in physical and cultural form, the place of exposure.

Each country is represented by a single member, who has the task of coordinating activities at local and national level and collaborating with the other museums of the network at international level. The network is also open to those museums that will be established at the additional emblematic communities that did not join the start of this network.

At the moment, members of the Mediterranean diet museum network are:

  • Living Museum of the Mediterranean Diet of Pioppi (Italy),
  • Muzej Općine Jelsa (Croatia),
  • Museu Municipal de Tavira (Portugal) e
  • Online Food and Nutrition Museum of Cyprus (Cyprus).

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