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Soria (Spain) Soria (Spain)

  • Wednesday, May 27 2015
Soria (Spain)

Capital in the northeast of Spain.

Soria is the capital of the province of Soria located in northeast Spain, on a Castilian plateau, with an altitude of 1,063m. Soria is situated at the crossroads of numerous cañadas (pathways for herding animals) that represented the axis for cultural and economical trade in the past.

Renowned for some typical local produce such as wine, butter, pork, lamb and polenta, Soria was inscribed amongst the symbolic places of the Mediterranean diet by UNESCO, for having created, protected and transmit a communal cultural heritage. The Spanish city has committed itself to the identification, documentation, and conservation of events, customs, festivals, and artisan practices regarding the Mediterranean diet that led them to achieve the title as an emblematic community.

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