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Cilento (Italy) Cilento (Italy)

  • Wednesday, May 27 2015
Cilento (Italy)

Mountainous sub-region of the Campania region

The community occupies an area of around 2,400 km2 and includes a population of around 270,000 inhabitants. Located in the southern part of Italy, Cilento can be considered a mountainous sub-region of the Campania region. Cilento Park, Vallo di Diano and Monti Alburni, make up a large part of the community, which extends over a surface area of 180,000 hectares. It is here that the “father” of the Mediterranean diet, Ancel Keys, carried out his studies. Today, the Study Center of the Mediterranean Diet “Angelo Vassallo” can be found in Pioppi, an Italian hamlet in the municipality of Pollica.

It was this great American nutritionist who defined this area as the “triangle of long life”: Up until at least forty years ago, the dietary regime in Cilento consisted of fruit, vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, legumes, fish and pasta.

Famous for its crystal clear sea, golden beaches, mild climate, looking out onto the gulf of Palinuro, Pollica will represent the emblematic communities of the Mediterranean diet at Expo 2015.

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